Kirk in black and whiteIt all started for me with a degree in Multimedia and Communications. “Multimedia” was the hot buzzword at the time and CKS Interactive (design agency) welcomed me to their team of talented designers and producers. After three years of contributing to cool projects for clients like Apple, HP, and Microsoft, I set off on my own as a freelance designer/developer.

The interet was born and proved to be an exciting time to be an indendent freelancer. Over the next eight years my design and front-end development skills continued to expand.

In 2005, I traded my freelance independence for an opportunity to  work as a Senior Web Designer at Palm where I supported the promotion of one of the first smartphones to enter the market.

Adobe came next embedding my skills within marketing as a Creative Designer supporting the award winning consumer products – Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements.

My journey continued to eBay where I contributed as an interaction and visual designer supporting the worlds largest online market place, followed by Catalina Marketing where I contributed my support as Director of UX Design.